Mrs. Lissy Gregory, a woman of determination, came to Bangalore in 1990. She started her professional life here in this garden city with a well paid government job. Though the life was awesome in many aspects, she was still searching for something else. In 1991 she realized her call of mind to live for a better cause. Thus she dedicated her entire life for the service to humanity, leaving back a well paid job. Thus Navachetana Trust was formally registered in 1996. However the Trust and its work commenced in the year 1991. It is governed by a Board of Trustees comprising of seven members, who are prominent and highly respected individuals in the field of mental health, social work and counseling.

In the words of Foundress...
"I got a job in a Law school and I was doing good. However I could not continue the job because of the passion in me to do something for the society. From my childhood I had a compassionate heart towards the suffering people in the society. I believe in God and read Bible everyday to strengthen myself.

I had a hunger for helping the people who were neglected and needy. My first inmates were destitutes, neglected, wandering patients from hospitals who did not have anybody to care of them and were put out from their homes. There were many aged, who were looked after by us and died in the hospitals. Destitute ones were with the help of the local police.

I would like to share an instance which touched my heart. Mr. Doriaswamy was wandering in streets and Navachatana took care of him in the hospital. I still remember the day when he died; this was the day when, his family came back and showed readiness to accept him back. I felt in my heart, that Mr. Doriaswamy would have been more happy if his family members had accepted him when he was alive. I had made several attempts to speak with his family to make them to accept him back and they never turned back. Duraiswami lived with us for 10 years. He lived just like a family member and Navachetana gave him the all the affection and love which he missed from the family.

When I started the center, I did it all alone of course with the providence of God. Later by the grace of God I got some people to assist me. After my marriage my husband has been a great support to continue this mission. We have also some well wishers who provide us moral support and voluntaries to teach yoga, dance and counseling."
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