Case Histories
She is 82 years old, lost her husband 50 years back. Having no children, she was living alone by doing some works for livelihood. At a point of time when she was not able to do any work and didn’t have any means to pull life ahead Navachetana got her. She was admitted to hospital under the care of Navachetana and regained her health and started to experience the warmth of love and security in Navachetana. Today, she is able to do her own works. She is very happy now and grateful to Navachetana.

Case B
A single woman suffering from Diabetics. Navachetana helped her to come out from her pathetic condition of life. She is able to do her own jobs now. She also care for the fellow inmates of Navachetana. Navachetana is her home where she enjoys the care and love that she missed once in her life.

Case C
A widow, not being happy with her own daughters and relatives, came across with one of our well wishers. He guided her to Navachetana. She was shivering with hunger and thirst. Lack of timely food and care had weakened her a lot. Under the care of Navachetana she was hospitalized initially and regained her health. Now she is able to eat well and has put up weight and leads a very happy life here. She also has developed a positive attitude towards her family members and relatives through our counseling sessions and guidance.

Case D
The negative effects of loneliness dragged her to Depression and Stress. She also had frequent giddiness. Physical absence of meaningful people around her worsened her condition. Navachetana accepted her the way she was and took care of her so dearly. Proper care and hospitalization was arranged for her. The love and concern showed to her by other inmates was a significant factor in her improvement. Our counseling sessions helped her a lot to come back to her normal life. Today she enjoys the life in Navachetana. Today she is not alone, she has so many dear friends around her to show her the beauty of life.

Case E
She was divorced in her young age. She is mildly MR. Under the care of her mother she was pushing ahead her life. Later, due to age related issues when her mother was unable to take care of her, she was rejected by her own brother also. At this stage she was brought to Navachetana. Through constant counseling and proper care and love she was brought back to better condition. Today her smiling face gives us a lot of contentment and energy for the mission ahead. She says “Navachetana is my Home”.

Case F
A 29 year old destitute lady, brought up in an orphanage, and found it very difficult to settle down in life due to her illness. She was brought to Navachetana by one of the NGOs. Because it was difficult for them to take care her since she depends only on Homeopathy treatment. Navachetana accepted her. She was in a severe condition those days. We hospitalized her and took care of her. Today she is much better and enjoys the love and affection of Navachetana being the youngest member of this family.

Case G
A helpless and aged lady with shivering hands and feeble voice got sheltered under Navachetana. Her condition was very pathetic at the initial stages that she was not even able to eat as she was not having enough food at proper time for a long time. Miraculously she regained her health; now she voluntarily help us in different ways. A very happy and enthusiastic, and friend of everybody at Navachetana.

Case H
We got her with acute condition of Arthritis; feeling of fatigue and weakness, pain in joints, hands and knuckles and swelling with redness etc. She was not able to walk. Support of a walker was unavoidable in her life those days. Navachetana has given back her comfort and total recovery from this ailment. Today she is able to walk around without the support of the walker. She is a happy person at our loving home.

Case I
A divorced lady, disappointed with social stigmatization and familial ostracism. She felt off track and unsecure. She regained her confidence and started to enjoy the peace of mind at Navachetana. Today she experience the joy of life with us, very cheerful and content.
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