Our Vision and Mission

We believe that all individuals are equal and deserving of the respect, dignity and compassion of others. To the maximum extent possible they should be offered a healthy and peaceful life in a loving family atmosphere.

Mission; The two phases

The First Phase : 1991- 2011 - Service to the Mentally disabled people

Thousands of abnormal lives were transformed to normalcy under the care of Navachetana. For a long 20 years Navachetana sheltered thousands of people with different mental disabilities. People suffering from Manic Depression, Psychosis Neurosis, Paranoia, Schizophrenia and other Psychological and Pathological cases, from different parts of India. By the end of 2011, the founder Mrs. Lissy realized that it was the time to start for her second phase of mission i.e. service to the suffering women in the society

Navachetana, had taken many projects for the help of the mentally disabled people who were in need, below are some of the activities Navachetana handled during this period.

• Navachetana took care of both men and women suffering from maniac depressive psychosis, paranoia and schizophrenic.
• It conducted community meetings to create an awareness on mental health
• It provided skills training programmes for these people to have economic empowerment
• It also provided trainings on occupational therapy, group therapy, psycho therapy, dance and music therapy and recreational activities to the inmates, at their the home as well as in the community.
• It provided family counseling sessions
• It conducted community rahabilitation based programmes for the awareness, treatment and counseling.
• Navachetana conducted outreach programmes with counseling, hospitalization follow up, sending back the children who are stopped their school due to family problems
• We have conducted drama on mental illness to give awareness to our beneficiaries
• We arranged stalls by our beneficiaries, meant for income generation and to make known our service.

Community organization
Mentally ill parents are marginalized section of our community. There is great need to create an awareness in the society. The responsibility of the society is to take care of this category. Hence at the community level people should be organized and should act as a pressure group in fighting for the rights of this group and to get equal dignity and respect. It is most important that the parents of these beneficiaries should be organized as a forum to share their issues, plan and action towards the development of their children. They will be trained to handle their kith and kin those and who are affected by mental illness.

Awareness Programme
Besides the institutional based rehabilitation Navachetana also conducted awareness programmes for the various levels of people in the community about the mental health. This will help the community to understand the need and importance of the roles and responsibility that enable the mentally ill patients to be treated equally and to join in the main stream of our society.

Skill Training
The inmates as well as the parents and the community members were trained on various skills to become self managing at their families. The trades were based on their degree of mental illness and in consultation with the experts.

Health services in different places
The centre also provided occupational therapy, group therapy, psychotherapy, dance and music therapy and recreational activities to the inmates of the home as well as to the community subsequently counseling were given to the patients as well as to the kith and kin of the beneficiary.

Community based Rehabilitation programme
Navachetana strongly believed that a community based rehabilitation is very much important to rehabilitate the mental illness and mental disorder people besides taking into the home and rehabilitate them. Eventually it is the responsibility of the community to enable this section of people to join in the main stream and live like others in the community

Community based rehabilitation is a strategy with in community development for the rehabilitation, equalization of opportunities and social integration of all people with disabilities

It is a process by which all persons with disabilities in a geographical area are helped to develop themselves to their full potential within their own community making the best use of local resources and achieve maximum possible integration into their families, communities and country’s life.

Second Phase: 2011 – 2012 : A Period of Transition

This was a period of transition to the second phase of the mission born in the mind of its founder. Focusing on the second phase of the mission, Navachetana reach out to suffering women in the society in different levels. It supports the Aged, Widows, Destitutes, Homeless and Abandoned Women. The values we cherish in Navachetana are; Security, Freedom, Respect, Love, homely and friendly atmosphere and acceptance.
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Our undertakings: Residential facilities
• Half way home
• Long stay homes
• Board and care homes
• Group homes
• Halfway house
Non residential facility
• Day care
• Day Center
• Partial Hospitalization
• Rehabilitation
• Community Based care
Psychatric Bed
Through C.B.R, starting of family self help of rehabilitaion programmes (day Care, Sheltered employement), short and long stay places. Public mental health and education life, skills programs in schools, suicide prevention, training programs for parents of mentally retarded persons community based rehabilitation, drug dependence, programs, suicide and attempted suicide, children and adolescents problems school going and out of going pharmacy with every necessary medication.

Name of the places for C.B.R. Programme (Community Based Rehabilitation Programme) in Karnaktaka and Kerala,

• Bangalore Urban
• Bangalore Rural
• Chitradurga
• Davanagere
• Shimoga
• Kolar
• Tumkur
• Mysore
• Mandya
• Chamarajnagar
• Kodagu
• Chikkamagalore
• Hassan
• Mangalore
• Udupi
• Belgaum
• Dharwad
• Haveri
• Gadag
• Karwar
• Bijapur
• Bagalkote
• Gulbarga
• Bidar
• Raichur
• Koppal
• Bellary